You Like Classic Wood?

How does building your own classic wooden bar stool sound?  The video below gives some great directions.  Even if you don’t plan on making your own, it can still be rather interesting to watch the process of showing it be done.

So go ahead and check this out :

Some Tips on How to Maintain Your Leather Bar Stools

Many people love their leather bar stools. Therefore, it is only proper that they figure out how to best care for them. We will share some tips on some good ways to do this.

  • One good way to help maintain leather is to treat it with leather conditioner. Lots of people do this with jackets once a year or so. There is no reason this can’t be done for bar stools, also. The conditioning product will assist in bringing out the nice look that many desire.
  • Another idea is to use leather waterproofing. This can be an especially good idea to help prevent stains that may result from liquid spills. It is also recommended that this be done every year. Once a year is not too often, so the two methods mentioned so far could be done relatively easily alongside some spring cleaning.
  • Speaking of spills – they should be cleaned up immediately. The sooner done the better in terms of preventing damage. The liquid from drinks is no friend to leather, so wipe it up rather fast if something happens.
  • Another potential issue is that scratches can often accumulate on the seat. Lucky for us there are special leather kits that allow one to touch these up. Sometimes a simple item like this can greatly help improve the appearance.
  • Maybe the most important – and some would say common sense thing – has to do with the usage of the stools. You don’t want people being rough with them if looks are important to you. Plus that can be a potential safety hazard depending on how we are defining rough.

In general, leather stools require more attention than other types if you want to keep them looking nice. This is just one factor to consider when deciding to buy this kind. But at the same time, it isn’t exactly rocket science or anything like that when it comes to caring for them.

3 Main Things To Consider Before Getting Stools

Having some bar stools can add elegance to your home. They add a look that can also be casual at the same time. Of course they also provide a convenient place to sit, at least for a short period of time.

It is not necessary to drink alcohol to have a bar-type area and they are no longer just associated with that or soda fountains. Many newer homes now have places in them with counter space that are great for stools. Outside areas around homes, such as patios, are now sometimes designed with stools in mind.

So now maybe more than ever before, home owners are considering stools as an option. Let’s take a look at three main things to keep in mind :

1. Is there an area at bar level where you want to use the stools?

There are different height ones available for purchase, but you still want to measure to make sure they will be convenient for you. If all you have is shorter tables in your home, then you might want to reconsider.

This may seem like common sense, but sometimes people are just drawn to the visual appeal of bar stools and forget about details such as this.

2. How often are children around?

Stools can pose a safety issue for kids. If children are going to be present, it might be best not to have any around them. This will of course depend on things like the ages and behavior of the particular kids.

One possibility is to have stools that are only used for special parties and other occasions, and at other times remain locked away where children can’t get them.

3. Made from metal or wood?

Which of these two types should yours be primarily made out of?

This mostly comes down to personal preferences in regards to looks and quality concerns. Many prefer the classic look of wood, while others like some of the modern metal styles.

Metal ones can be everything from bright chrome to black looking. Wood stools also have variety in their colors as they can be stained or painted.

One thing to look for is how sturdy they are. Sometimes both metal and wood can give the appearance of being stronger or weaker than they really are. If possible, it can help to feel and test any out before purchasing.

Each person or family’s needs are unique, so there are always many potential things to consider before figuring out which ones to get. We’ve highlighted three important considerations to make.

Good luck in your searches!

Buying – Things to Know

We came across this great video and wanted to share. It has some good information. Cheers!

Potty Training Step Stool


One of my relatives has a son that has recently begun potty training. Well, he is my relative too of course, but I guess I worded it that way because the point is that both he and his parents are involved in the process.

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Choosing the Right Metal Swivel Bar Stool

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Orange Bar Stools Leather

When many individuals think of stools and other furniture, they think of basic, relatively normal looking items. There is no need to be limited to the mundane when there is such a wide variety of stuff out there. One example is using color choices that might not be thought of as normal.

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